THE DIGITAL DEMISE: A PROLOGUE // Essays on Our Digitized Society

For some time, I’ve been speaking against the dangers of our increasingly digitized society. To some, I’m certain I sound like a conspiracy theorist. To others, a raving madman. To others still, a man completely stuck in the past. However, as I’ve laid out to many people in the past few years, I base my antagonism to these things upon simple logic, basic knowledge and a rudimentary understanding of human nature. Throughout 2020 and now, into 2021, it seems that I’m continually being proven right in my statements. However, I still haven’t truly collected all of my thoughts on our modern society in one place. In this ongoing series of essays, I will summarize my thoughts on the continual digitization of our society and make my views known once and for all.

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Anthem for a Dying World // REVIEW of Images of Eden’s Angel Born

Has it really been over two years already? It seems like just yesterday, I released my review of Images of Eden’s previous album, Soulrise, which was one of my top three albums of 2018. Now, this Friday, the guys will be releasing their fifth studio album, Angel Born. Soulrise was a fantastic release that felt extremely fresh but it did so without forgetting what made them truly special. Can its followup live up to such greatness? Let’s find out….

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STAR WARS: LIGHT OF THE JEDI is the launching point for the new THE HIGH REPUBLIC publishing project. Met with varying degrees of optimism and ire, this new era of Star Wars storytelling strives to create new adventures set during a time period that has never been explored before: the era of peace and justice after the fall of the Old Republic and the establishment of the Galactic Republic but before the Clone Wars. However, many are concerned that this new project is meant to replace the much-beloved THE OLD REPUBLIC series in the pre-Disney timeline, “Legends”. Does this bold, new direction work or are the complaints well-placed? Hear my thoughts and more in my review for STAR WARS: LIGHT OF THE JEDI….

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Ancient Weapons, New Warfare // REVIEW of STAR WARS: DARK FORCE RISING

After reading the first book in the Thrawn Trilogy, “Heir to the Empire”, I took a break from the trilogy to read some other Star Wars novels. Finally, I resumed reading this trilogy by checking out its sequel, “Dark Force Rising”. With as amazing as “Heir to the Empire” was, I expected nothing less for Dark Force Rising”, but could the sequel live up to the brilliance of the original? That’s a question that has multiple answers which I will strive to detail below.

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Your Greatest Adventure, Observed // RuneScape After Two Decades

Well, this is something I never imagined when I first signed up for RuneScape back in 2004: the game has just turned 20, a gargantuan milestone for any sort of live, online game. I’ve literally spent nearly an entire year of my whole life playing this game. I’ve invested so many emotions, so much work, so much time into this game and have received immeasurable amounts of fun in return. Even though other online games have most of my attention nowadays, I still play RuneScape almost every day, even if it’s just to log in and do some daily things. Gielinor remains my second home and it likely always will. A lot of my fellow players will likely do retrospective posts, videos and projects to celebrate this milestone but I aim to combine a few things here. In this post, we’ll take a look at what makes RuneScape so special to me while also looking into some of my favorite memories. Let’s dive right in and get to it!

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