A Prophet’s Destiny Begins // REVIEW of PROPHET (BOOKS OF THE INFINITE #1)

I first read this book’s sequel, Judge, years ago and I really enjoyed it, but hadn’t gotten around to reading any of the others… until recently. Last Christmas, I received the other two books in the original trilogy of this series. I recently finished book one, Prophet, and now, author R.J. Larson is among my list of underrated writers. Prophet is a Christian fantasy novel that follows the journey of a young prophet, Ela of Parne, who is tasked with turning the kingdom of Istgard from their pagan worship and back to worship of their Creator, the Infinite. She sets out with no weapons, just a holy branch, her crippled younger sister and her Creator; knowing that she will die young, she genuinely has no clue how this adventure will turn out but she truly believes she will die during it because every previous Parnian prophet died young. This ever-lingering dread, combined with her youth and a kingdom full of violent pagans creates quite a predicament for her to overcome….

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To Build a Rebellion // Review of Star Wars: Ahsoka

Ahsoka Tano: a character hated by most when first introduced, but loved by many more as time went on. Her character development is some of the best in all of Star Wars and she’s probably the biggest reason why I enjoy The Clone Wars. She went from impetuous, impatient, smart-mouthed teenager to the epitome of what the Jedi should be. She spent her youth on the battlefield, apprenticed to one of the most active Jedi Generals, dealt with stunning betrayal and loss, and yet, ended up maintaining her inner light the entire time. After the events of The Clone Wars, there was a lot of room for her character to develop before appearing on Star Wars: Rebels and Star Wars: Ahsoka strives to tell the story that bridges the gap….

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It seems to be the trendy thing to do: hate on the current era of Star Wars and praise the previous eras (including the era of the prequel trilogy). To so many, Star Wars is at its lowest point. To them, the sequel trilogy is garbage. I’ve heard so many tell me that the only good thing that has come from the so-called “Disney Star Wars” are The MandalorianRogue One and Jedi: Fallen Order. However, since the first trailer for The Last Jedi dropped, I have adamantly insisted that we are living in the greatest era in HISTORY to be a Star Wars fan. Here’s why…. Continue reading “WHY TODAY IS THE GREATEST DAY TO BE A STAR WARS FAN // Celebrating Star Wars Day 2020”

Prophecies and Paragons // REVIEW of STAR WARS: MASTER & APPRENTICE

I first heard of this book thanks to a preorder suggestion on Amazon. It immediately caught my interest since I loved the Jedi Apprentice junior novels as a kid. The relationship between Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi was compelling to me ever since I saw The Phantom Menace. Then, I heard it was written by Claudia Gray, a writer that a lot of Star Wars fans claim is on equal ground with legendary Star Wars writers such as Timothy Zahn and James Luceno. I then knew that this book could very well become one of my favorite Star Wars books….

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When Truth Overcomes Oppression // REVIEW of The Sword of Shannara

A few weeks before Christmas of 2018, I purchased The Sword of Shannara Trilogy, the hardcover special edition that includes three books in one. I had highly enjoyed The Shannara Chronicles as a show and it convinced me to finally give the books a try. I knew from the start that it’d take me a long time to read this book at the rate I was reading back through 2019, but I also came to adore the world that author Terry Brooks has created through this series. Going into 2020 with a goal to read a lot more than I did in the past, I started things off in an awesome way by finishing this epic fantasy story, the first in what became a sweeping, 40-book saga about overcoming evil and having a greater understanding of your inner truth….

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